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Too often it’s believed that an abundant life is out of reach and is somehow reserved for others.      

Jen is privileged to be one of the authors of this inspiring book, as someone who has worked hard to elevate my health and now empower others to achieve the same.


Human Performance Specialist -  


founder of

Helping busy successful people who are struggling to maintain their health and as a consequence, their performance is suffering.

We all face challenges when it comes to our performance...over 20 years of working with people, I've discovered the resilience through optimising your health!

By transforming your lifestyle habits, you'll not only lead a life of optimal health, happiness and success, you'll have a more positive impact on those around you.

Discover your optimal edge and elevate your performance today!

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“My goal was to balance time across family, sport, work and friends.
Jen provided a range of tools to help me better plan and organise each week and prioritise what is important, reflect on my own position and clearly think about what’s required to maintain a strong mindset.”
— Eric Moore 


1:1 Coaching

Learn how to elevate your performance by building your resilience to optimise your health. 

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Designed to help you achieve a healthier, happier and more successful you!

Find your fastest path to peak performance.

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Provides a dynamic learning environment for people wanting to excel in their lives. Small groups of participants for more individual attention and effective learning

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Jen is a true professional, humble, real and absolutely genuine.
— Anthony