No solid goals to work towards? You're destined to fail...

This is for the athletes out there...

Have you even noticed that when you’re not training for a specific event you’re not as motivated or consistent with training?

That’s because you don’t have anything solid to work towards. Without goals, it’s easy to become distracted, disheartened, and even give up.

Goals are the cornerstone of achievement.



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Work in progress…and it's ok

The other day I was up until all hours of the early morning going over a workshop manual with a fine tooth comb. One of my habits (perfectionism) can sometimes get in the way. I didn’t need to be losing sleep over a few formatting discrepancies. This is something I’m very aware of and working on changing my mindset around it.

I’m dedicated to continuing to work on my patterns of habit because the moment you take your eye off them they creep back in!

But, it’s good…it’s a journey of growth.

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Are You Making This 1 Terrible Goal Setting Mistake?

You are driven. You have dreams, wants and desires. That’s why you set goals – to make those dreams a reality.

But there’s something missing.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself…

“Why do I feel so empty inside? I thought this is what I wanted.”

Or maybe…

“Why is it that no matter how hard I try I don’t achieve what I want?”

I know I have.

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Anger or appreciation…it’s your choice

How can you have an extraordinary life if you’re holding onto stress, frustration, anger, disappointment?

Holding onto these feelings is toxic!

Your body and mind are suffering as a result….and it permeates through all areas of your life.

The Centre for disease control (CDC) found that 85% of all diseases have a strong link to your emotional state.

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Three ways to take back control of your feelings

Have you ever felt like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster?

Like you can’t get a hold of your feelings? Well you’re not alone...

Maybe you even caught yourself uttering the words…

“That person made me feel so…”

Although you might truly believe others are at fault, by not taking responsibility for your feelings you become at the mercy of other people. And that’s just not fair on you.

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Are Wireless Devices Safe or are They Silently Making You Sick?

Why should you care about electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
Because we are living in environments filled with EMR. Wi-fi and internal signals on your phone are types of EMR and they’ve become common place in most homes, schools, workplaces, shopping centres and even on public transport.

But do we even know what effect this radio frequency microwave radiation is having on our health?

We just want the convenience of being able to access the internet anywhere, anytime…without a thought about its potential side-effects.

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Why Multitasking is a Farce...

You can talk on the phone whilst driving…

You can write a text whilst having a conversation with a friend…

You can listen to music whilst working…

So, you think you’re an expert at multi-tasking…I’d like to challenge that and ask you…

Do you still think you could have a focused conversation with others when you’re driving on unfamiliar roads in heavy rain? 

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Health takes a backseat...

Something interesting happened the other day...

I was at a health talk and the participants were asked "Who had health as their number one priority in their life?"

Now this is scary...of the 30 people there, only 6 put their hand up. 

That's only 20%!

Why isn't health most people's number one priority? 

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