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"I have always been a person who is strong willed and able to set goals and achieve what I put my mind too. That was up until one day my entire life changed and I was broken. Until I met Jen.

It was through Jen's guidance, and patience that she allowed me the time to rehabilitate. Her methods were consultative yet at times quite firm... exactly what I needed to push me to the next level.

Jen is a true professional - humble, real and absolutely genuine. She gives such valuable knowledge, techniques and brings your inner strength to the surface so you can tackle anything life throws.

She's a sensational support person. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without her. She offers a pure heart and soul that's not often found today. Someone you can trust and that can articulate things in your language - she's phenomenal!"



"Before coaching with Jen, life was hectic. I was overweight and had pain in my body that was out of control. I was feeling overwhelmed and I knew I couldn't go on like that any longer.

Jen has helped me take steps in the right direction in all aspects of my life. She has been a great support as I worked things out. I've taken a lot of positive steps and I like where I am in my life.

I'm now pain free! I'm a better me! I would definitely recommend Jen to get control back in your life."


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  • This is not your standard generic health coaching program that just focuses on what to eat and how much exercise to do. Because we all know that health is more than just nutrition and exercise, it’s creativity and productivity, recovery and vitality, fun and adventure, movement and relaxation, communication and connection.
  • If you’re suffering with Type 2 Diabetes or pain or excess weight that you can’t shift and you want to take charge of your health…then this program is perfect for you.
  • Everyone’s idea of health is different…but whatever you think it is, there is one big barrier in your way…lack of accountability. That’s why this program focuses on supporting and guiding you to engineer your best health.

Jen’s not there to put you in a box and tell you to do the same thing as the next person…because what works for them may not work for you (in fact, it probably won’t)!

Mastering the fundamentals is the secret to success in any area of life…and your health is no exception!

There is no magic bullet. There is no quick fix. Good habits are the answer.

This program focuses on taking the stress out of healthy living.

This is done through simple, practical and proven strategies in order to take your health into your own hands to so you have more time to enjoy the things you love in your life.

  • This program follows 3 key principles –
  1. Simple – tools and techniques to harbour permanent change
  2. Structure – creating a blueprint for your success
  3. Support – providing unwavering support and accountability throughout your  journey

Who is this program for?

·      Type 2 Diabetics

·      Chronic pain sufferers

·      People who want to take back control of their health

·      People who are struggling to change their lifestyle habits

·      People who want support to make the lifestyle changes they need to improve their health

·      People who are frustrated with their current results

·      People who want simple solutions to improve their health  


·      Can’t I just go on a short term diet? “Research has shown that, diet’s don’t work. Jen’s not a nutritionist or dietician and besides, everyone is different and what works for one person won’t work for others. Most diets are unsustainable…the key is to provide support and guidance to find the eating habits that are sustainable and that work for you.

·      Do I need to start flogging myself for hours in the gym, 7 days a week? “Jen’s not going to tell you that you have to be in the gym every day or that you have to take up running, because you may hate it. She’s there to help you discover what activities get you moving more that you enjoy and what’s going to have multiple benefits to your overall health.”



What do you get?

·      12 week coaching program – following the DESIRE System of Coaching

·      12 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions

·      Unlimited text and email support

·      Premium Health Resources – including worksheets, checklists and templates

·      A committed, passionate and supportive coach who is determined for you to transform your health…for good!

·      A copy of ‘Elevate Your Health’ – co-authored by Jen Edge

·      Money back guarantee – If you are not 100% satisfied with the results being delivered from the program you can stop the program at any stage (no questions asked).

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Outcomes you can expect from the program: 

·      Reduction in pain and dysfunction in your body

·      Simple and effective healthy lifestyle strategies

·       Proven strategies to help you continue to progress and elevate your health

·       Strategies to deal with stress and anxiety

·       Overcome barriers to lifestyle balance and success

·       Treat the cause of your lifestyle disease not just the symptoms

·       Take back ownership of your body, mind and health

·       Break bad habits and replace with healthy habits

·       Create higher levels of cognitive function, resilience and productivity

·       Strengthen not only your mind but also your body

·       Less time spent at Dr's surgeries

·       Less money spent on medication

·       Be able to prioritise your time effectively

·       Greater levels of energy and vitality

·       Improved sleeping patterns and quality

·       Greater levels of confidence

·       Understand the impact of health on your purpose in life

·       Be a healthier, more positive role model for your children


About your coach, Jen Edge

Jen Edge is a Qualified Results Coach, Experienced Physiotherapist and Founder of

Having worked with people for over 20 years in the health and performance industries, Jen now specialises in helping people live their healthiest, happiest and most successful life.

Jen has been a guest presenter with P&O Cruises and holds health and performance workshops that incorporate the latest science and information from a variety of reliable sources.

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Book your 45 minute Complimentary Health Visioning Session with Jen (valued at $97) to find out.

During this session you will: 

• Create a clear vision of what result you want

• Uncover your unhealthy habit patterns 

• Establish what obstacles are in your path

• Strategise how you can transform your health habits for more success


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