During the sessions with Jen, we worked on setting realistic goals and bringing more structure to my life. I now have more focus and motivation to stick to the things I said I would do.

As a result of Jen’s coaching, I’ve totally changed the way I approach things. I now have a much more positive outlook on life and I realised that I am accountable for the things I can control.

Since the coaching sessions, I’m now less self-critical and more honest with myself.  



"After working with Jen I feel happier, more confident and more importantly able to stop letting my issues impact on my wellbeing.

Jen will definitely help you work through any issue or problem no matter how big or small, so give it go - highly recommended!"

Daniela  -  School Teacher


"Jen helped me change what our services are worth, target our appropriate clients and clarify a marketing strategy with individual and specific support.

She also helped me get past the psychological blocks and uncertainty I had around these issues. Now I feel more focused and confident about where we're headed."

Marika  -  Clinical Neuropshychologist

Hi my name is Amanda and have been working with Jen for the past six months.  Before coaching with Jen I was feeling unhappy, overweight and alone even though I have a close family around me.  During the coaching Jen helped me look at myself differently and gain insight into why I was feeling the way I was and to get to the bottom of why I felt unworthy.

Since working with Jen I feel so much more confident, positive and happy with myself. She helped break my habits and change my way of thinking.  I have now stopped binge eating, buying unhealthy snacks and eating so much more healthier.

I highly recommend Jen to help set new achievable goals, improve self-worth and continue on the new and improved path. Jen is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met.


"Before coaching with Jen, I was in a bit of disarray. Being a single mum of 3 children, running a household, just finished studying, trying to start my new business and navigate the painful reality of my current circumstances, I was finding myself struggling both practically and emotionally. I needed to feel organised and on top of things but instead often felt like I was drowning.

But during my sessions with Jen, I came to realise I was capable of making my life better; Jen enabled me to take back control of certain areas and move forward. She taught me how to take responsibility for the things I could change and let go of those I can't control. Each session was different as Jen took me through different processes to tackle different things. I found Jen to be very easy to work with; I felt I could be open and honest in my sessions with her.

After coaching I've almost de-cluttered my entire home (only a couple of rooms to go)! Now I feel organised and happy for people to drop by anytime. Jen's given me the necessary tools to move forward.

I would recommend Jen to anyone who wants to make some positive changes in their life, both practically and emotionally. Anyone struggling with anxiety or depression (as I do) would benefit as well. Jen can help unlock that thinking which is holding you back from succeeding in life."



"I have always been a person who is strong willed and able to set goals and achieve what I put my mind too. That was up until one day my entire life changed and I was broken. Until I met Jen.

It was through Jen's guidance, and patience that she allowed me the time to rehabilitate. Her methods were consultative yet at times quite firm... exactly what I needed to push me to the next level.

Jen is a true professional - humble, real and absolutely genuine. She gives such valuable knowledge, techniques and brings your inner strength to the surface so you can tackle anything life throws.

She's a sensational support person. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without her. She offers a pure heart and soul that's not often found today. Someone you can trust and that can articulate things in your language - she's phenomenal!"

Anthony -  Director (Supplier Relationships)


I started coaching with Jen because I had pain in my foot, ankle and knee. I thought the coaching may help me to lose some weight so my knee and ankle would feel better.

During the coaching, Jen guided me to get the right help with my knee and ankle. I changed my eating habits, learned that how to keep my stress levels down and how to breathe properly. I learned how to listen to my body and the importance of moving, stretching and exercising to feel better.

Since the program, I’ve built up my strength and improved my attitude. I now feel so much better and I’m able to do a lot more. I’m not a stress head anymore… the future looks brighter and I’m looking at things differently. I would recommend Jen to my friends… Jen is awesome!

Zeynep  -  Support WorKer


sarah .jpg

"Working with Jen was the best decision I've ever made. It's made my daily life so much more enjoyable, not to mention my relationships with others.

I'd highly recommend Jen and her methodologies. She's an inspiring person and so easy to connect with."



"Before Jen I struggled to create structure around my tull-time study and full-time career, but Jen helped me discover effective new viewpoints. She helped me during my examination period which lead to a more relaxed and productive outcome.

I recommend Jen for any area of life you'd like to improve. Her communication skills and interview style is highly effective and applicable to a vast range of areas in life."

Angelo  -  Naturopath


"Before coaching, I was struggling with past relationship issues as well as trying to clarify my goals moving forward. I lacked clarity and was cautious about getting involved in another relationship.

Moving on from the sessions with Jen life is similar, but busier. Now I'm more motivated to be in a relationship and working towards my career goals! In the future I'll definitely be having refresher sessions with Jen - I highly recommend Jen's Life Coaching services."

ROB JOHNSTON - NATIONAL IRONMAN CHAMPION                                 


"Jen is a master at asking the right questions! She's intuitive, down to earth and caring. If you want to get to your goals quicker, or master your mindset, Jen is the go-to-girl- Highly recommended."

Jessica  -  Copywriter + PhotogRapher


"Moving into advisory board roles coupled with the existing COO position placed extreme demands on my time. My goal was to balance time across family, sport, work and friends. Jen provided a range of tools to help me better plan and organise each week and prioritise what is important. 

I spend a lot of time supporting others to reach targets and achieve objectives. Working with Jen provided a chance to reflect on my own position and clearly think about what's required to maintain a strong mindset."

Eric Moore  -  Chief Operations Officer

Deborah Hoare pic.png

"Before I started the coaching program with Jen I was struggling with depression and low confidence. I was feeling lost and directionless, unsure of how to move forward in my life and I was also having issues at work. 

The coaching sessions with Jen provided me with valuable confidence building tools and strategies. I learned to appreciate myself, my life and my abilities. We focused on looking forward in life, setting goals and create a path for a better future.    

Now, I have greater confidence in myself and I'm better able to manage my depression and emotions. My outlook on life is much more positive and I'm excited about what the future holds!

I've learned a lot and really appreciate all the work we did and the progress I made in the coaching sessions.

I would highly recommend Jen's life coaching program!"


"Before coaching with Jen, life was hectic. I was overweight and had pain in my body that was out of control. I was feeling overwhelmed and I knew I couldn't go on like that any longer.

Jen has helped me take steps in the right direction in all aspects of my life. She has been a great support as I worked things out. I've taken a lot of positive steps and I like where I am in my life.

I'm now pain free! I'm a better me!

I would definitely recommend Jen to get control back in your life."