THE BEST WAY TO transform your health, elevate your performance AND be a more positive influence on those you love


We all face adversity and challenges in our health…how well do you deal with them?

Have you ever wanted to be able to achieve better health and be a more positive influence on your children's health too?

Have you ever felt that if you were more resilient you would have better health and greater vitality?

Need some support and guidance to get there?


5 reasons to come along:                                                       

1. You want more energy and confidence

2. You get overwhelmed with all the confusing information out there

3. You want to know how elevating your health can help you perform at your peak

4. You want some simple solutions to transform your health and vitality 

5. You want to be a more positive influence for your families health 


The good news is…resilience for health is a skill you can learn and develop


 REsults to expect from the WORKSHOP:

    • Develop clarity around what you want 
    • You'll learn a new, simple and effective way to set and achieve your health goals
    • Build on your resiliency skills
    • Identify your obstacles to optimal health and learn new strategies to overcome them
    • Develop greater self-confidence
    • Build a better body image
    • Learn effective coping strategies when things go wrong 
    • Discover what it takes to have a growth mindset
    • Stop self-sabotaging behaviours
    • Build healthier habits
    • Design a new system to transform your health...for good 
    • Develop the ability to take more purposeful action



    • A full-day LIVE Workshop with Jen 
    • Value packed Fun Manual 
    • 'Make it Happen' Guided Imagery MP3
    • Unlimited text and email support for 4 weeks after the workshop
    • Online resources in your inbox every week


    Things you need to know about the event:                                    

    •  No hype, no gimmicks just proven effective strategies               

    •  This event is interactive and designed to get you involved          

    •  Come prepared to have fun and pick up the tools that will help you change for good


    When is the next workshop? 

    Stay tuned...


    GO ON, give yourself permission to start living the quality of HEALTH AND life you truly desire!


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